Weekly Sunday Bulletin-January 17


Because of you, our parish is able to offer the liturgical services, ministries, sacraments, educational opportunities, fellowship and cultural programs that cultivate community, strengthen families and transform lives.


For Reflection…

Human beings have accumulated in their coffers gold and silver, clothes more sumptuous than useful, diamonds and other objects that are evidence of war and tyranny; then a foolish arrogance hardens their hearts; for their brothers in distress, no pity. What utter blindness! . . . Attend not to the law of the strong but to the law of the Creator. Help nature to the best of your ability, honor the freedom of creation, protect your species from dishonor, come to its aids in sickness, rescue it from poverty …. Seek to distinguish yourself from others only in your generosity. Be like gods to the poor, imitating God’s mercy. Humanity has nothing so much in common with God as the ability to do good.

St. Gregory Nazianzen (On Love of the Poor, cited on pp 295-6 of Clement’s book)