Weekly Sunday Bulletin – January 3 – Sunday before Theophany

Epiphany, or Theophany

TheophanyTheophany, after Easter and Pentecost is the greatest feast of the Orthodox church. It is even greater than the feast of the Nativity of Christ. It commemorates the baptism of our Lord by John in the waters of the Jordan and now more generally, the public manifestation of the incarnate Word to the world.

St. Proclus, the Patriarch of Constantinople puts into the mouth of St. John the Baptist, the following words expressing the faith of holy church in the divinity of Christ: “How dare I stretch forth my hand and place it on the heads of Him who sustains all things? How dare I touch Him before whom the choirs of angels tremble? How dare I approach Him whom the Seraphim dare not come near? Hence with awe they cry: holy, holy, holy, holy,. Truly heaven is filled with your glory and the earth with your wonders: How dare I approach the Unapproachable One before whom tremble the Cherubim and all the heavenly hosts? How dare I baptize the creator of nature? How dare I baptize him to whom the Pure Virgin Mary gave birth and after giving birth remained a virgin? I can only say; You O Lord, are the master…”

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Parish Council on duty:

Manny Daskos, Basil Economou, Michael Fossler, George Georgakakis, Marion Koliniatis, Harry Tangalakis