Weekly Sunday Bulletin-July 10, 2016





  • Scripture Comes Alive:  A.D The Bible Continues

Every Sunday: North Chapel on 2nd floor of the Sanctuary.  12-1PM

 7/10 Episode Three – The Spirit Arrives. Caiaphas and Pilate struggle to contain the news of the resurrection. The arrival of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost galvanizes the fledgling church.

 7/17 Episode Four – The Wrath. Peter and John face their first trial and the crowd accepts the beggar’s miracle. We see the apostles torn between their home lives and the new paths they must now travel.

 7/24 Episode Five – The First Martyr. Peter and John are arrested a second time. They are rescued again, but Stephen becomes the first martyr at the feet of Saul.

All are welcome to join us on this journey and rekindle the fire with in us given to us at our baptism. We will witness the power of the Holy Spirit transform the twelve apostles as they go out and change the world. Lunch will be provided.

In HIS service

Barbara Makris


  • Parish-wide Synaxis – Saturday, August 20th

The term synaxis (Greek: σύναξις) means “gathering together” and it refers to any gathering of the clergy and faithful of the Orthodox Church for liturgical or administrative purposes. We will be having an important a parish-wide synaxis on Saturday, August 20 from 9:00 to 11:00 am. All of the leaders of our parish, including all members of the Parish Council and all leaders of our parish organizations, together with all of the members of the various parish organizations are highly encouraged to attend.

Please contact the church office to RSVP.  I look forward to seeing you there!

In Christ’s love and service,

Fr. Jim