Weekly Sunday Bulletin-July 24, 2016




  • Scripture Comes Alive:  A.D The Bible Continues

Every Sunday: North Chapel on 2 nd floor of the Sanctuary. 12-1PM (lunch provided)

7/24 Episode Five – The First Martyr. Peter and John are arrested a second time. They are rescued again, but Stephen becomes the first martyr at the feet of Saul.

7/31 Episode Six – Come and See. The acts of the apostles continues as the fledging community pools their time treasures and talents together to hold each other up.  Saul starts his persecution of the band of rebels he sees as an apostasy to the temple and the fait by which he is determined to stamp out.

All are welcome to join us on this journey and rekindle the fire within us, given to us at our baptism.   Please try your best to be on time; so we have time to discuss what we are seeing.

In HIS service

Barbara Makris


  • Parish-wide Synaxis – Saturday, August 20th

The term synaxis (Greek: σύναξις) means “gathering together” and it refers to any gathering of the clergy and faithful of the Orthodox Church for liturgical or administrative purposes. We will be having an important a parish-wide synaxis on Saturday, August 20 from 9:00 to 11:00 am. All of the leaders of our parish, including all members of the Parish Council and all leaders of our parish organizations, together with all of the members of the various parish organizations are highly encouraged to attend.

Please contact the church office to RSVP.  I look forward to seeing you there!

In Christ’s love and service,

Fr. Jim


  • Volunteering Opportunities

Youth Volunteer Applications for the 2016-2017 school year may be found on the desk in the south narthex. We encourage anyone interested in working with our young people to fill out a form. Please remember that all youth volunteers must re-apply each year.