Weekly Sunday Bulletin-July 3, 2016

AndAndrew of Crete the Hymnographerrew of Crete-the Hymnographer Celebrated on July 4

A model of faith and the image of gentleness, the example of your life has shown you forth to your sheep-fold to be a master of temperance. You obtained thus through being lowly, gifts from on high, and riches through poverty. Andrew, our father and priest of priests, intercede with Christ our God that He may save our souls.


Parish Council on duty:

Basil Economou, Michael Fossler, George Georgakakis, Marion Koliniatis, Harry Tangalakis, Mark Zaden


Baby Blessing

Today we welcome Jorge and Christina Yero and their daughter Juliana for the traditional 40 day blessing.


Coffee Hour 

Today’s coffee hour is sponsored by the Yianilos family in loving memory of Beatrice ‘Vasiliki’ Yianilos