Weekly Sunday Bulletin-June 26, 2016

All SaintsAll Saints

When God brings His hidden saints to light, it is in   order that some may emulate them and others be without excuse. Those who wish to remain amid distractions as well as those who live a worthy life in communities, in mountains and in caverns (Heb.11:38) are saved, and God bestows on them great blessings solely because they have faith in Him.

St. Symeon the New Theologian. The Discourse, XX11




Parish Council on Duty:               

John Argiropoulos, John Ioannou, Jr., Tony Maiorana,  Anna Merkel, Demetri Rapanos, Katherine Ziegler


Coffee Hour:

Today’s coffee hour is being sponsored by the  Homatas family in memory of their loved ones. May their memories be eternal.