Weekly Sunday Bulletin-June 5, 2016



 Priority Questions…

Where does my giving to the Church belong?

Do I consider it a matter of mere choice?  Do I think of it as something obligatory?  Is it merely a personal preference?  Or do I look upon it as a privilege and responsibility?  When I plan my budget, where do I place my giving to the Church?  Do I place it first because the responsibility is laid on my heart, or do I place it last, after I have discovered if anything is still available?  Is my giving to the Church proportionate giving?  Do I relate my giving to the Church to what I spend on pleasure and comforts and luxuries and even necessities?  Is my giving haphazard?  Does it belong in the category of leftovers?

In other words, do I find a rightful place for stewardship in my life?  Do I treat my giving carelessly or do I treat it thoughtfully?  The prophet Samuel said,  “I will not offer to the Lord my God that which has cost me nothing.”