Weekly Sunday Bulletin-September 18, 2016

st-eumenios-the-wonderworker-bishop-of-gortynaEumenius the Wonderworker

Bishop of Gortynia

This Saint took up the monastic life from his youth, and later became Bishop of Gortynia in Crete. He travelled to Rome, and to Thebes in Upper Egypt, where through his prayers he ended a drought; there also, after working many miracles, he reposed in deep old age. His holy relics were returned to Gortynia and buried at the place called Raxos.




Parish Council on Duty:               

John Argiropoulos, Jeffrey Bartfield, John Ioannou, Jr., Anna Merkel, Demetri Rapanos, Katherine Ziegler



Today’s Artoklasia for the health of the Columbus, Hitsos, Kitsos and Peters families is offered by Sandy Columbus.