Weekly Sunday Bulletin – Sunday before Theophany


O Christ our Master, how shall we Your servants give You worthy honor? For You have renewed us all in the waters. You, O our Saviour, were baptized in Jordan and have sanctified the waters: accepting a servant’s hand upon Your head; You heal the  passions of the world. Great is the mystery of Your dispensation: O Lord who love   mankind, glory to You. The true Light has appeared and bestows enlightenment on all. Christ  who is above all purity is baptized with us; He brings sanctification to the water and it becomes a cleansing for our souls. That which is outward and visible is earthly,  that which inwardly understood is higher than the heaven. Salvation comes through  washing, and through water the Spirit: by descending  into the water we ascend to God.   Wonderful are Your works, O Lord,: glory to You.

St. Germanis. Katavasia for Theophany Matins. B313,pp.354-355

Parish Council on Duty

George Georgakakis, Medon Michaelides, Manny Daskos, James Carras, Eleni Varvoutis, Michael Haralambis, Michael Fossler, Juanita Antley