We’re Moving Ahead!

Dear Blessed Parishioners,

What a difference a week can make. Last week we announced the time line for the date of the Consecration of our Church much to the joy of hundreds of faithful. The project as you know by now has several parts to it:

  • Phase 2 of the iconography
  • The renovation of our small and greater hall
  • A brand new kitchen
  • God willing the paving of our parking lot
  • Fencing
  • New light system for our grounds
  • A new covered area over the outside of our small hall

The later of these depend on future donations. The responses we have received thus far have been incredibly positive and we are now planning for this once in a lifetime event.

Thank you to those who have already stepped up and been the forerunners of the project. Thus far we have received the following donations:

  • Chris and Raffaela Nichols – Medallion
  • Jordan and Evangelia Elrod – Medallion of St. Cyril
  • Curtis and Carmen Elrod – Medallion of St. Methodios
  • Dr George Georgakakis – Two Icon Veneration Areas in the Narthex
  • Harry Tangalakis – New Dome with Icons in the Narthex in memory of his father Charlie and a Mosaic Angel over the front entrance of the Church in Honor of his mother Xenia
  • Anonymous – One of the new doors in the Nave of the Church with etched-glass of the Archangels.

These first donations amount to $66,400. We are speaking with many other faithful and the amount of donations should approach over $100,000 very soon. A great thank you to those who are leading the way. This Sunday we will announce more donations that have been received. Please be aware as we have stated multiple times that we will not be incurring debt to complete the project but will order icons and their installation once we have received the donation. A percentage of the funds collected will be set aside for the hall renovation project and as these funds become available we will begin the incredible task of renovating our hall.

We would like to finish the icons on the balcony as well as the design work and the new glass railing first so if you haven’t yet made a commitment we would ask that you consider giving in this area first. Giving opportunities start as low as $500 and go to $45,000 and can be given over a three year period. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of us.

Thank you again and may God continue to bless you. Great things are happening at St. Demetrios and we are sure you want to be a part of them.


Fr. Christopher Metropulos

Chris Nichols