With God All Things Are Possible



Dear faithful of St. Demetrios,


The property to the south of the Church is now ours!  This is a multigenerational dream that has now become a reality.  Our collective prayers have been answered. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we have reached out to you in love and respect so we could act upon this long-awaited opportunity as one united family and you responded in a huge way. Thank you! Now we need everyone to assist in the fund raising drive.  

The $260,000 purchase price was a far cry from the original asking price of $1,000,000.  Thus far as of August 14,  we have raised $103,682.  thanks to the generosity and forward thinking of our faithful.  A list of those who have committed themselves thus far is included below. Now we need everyone in the parish to give what they can.  An anonymous donor has stepped forward and provided a bridge loan to the parish to cover the remainder of the funds needed to purchase the land until we can finish our Fund Raising Drive to meet the cost of the full purchase price. 

We appeal to you now to join and stand with us with your tax-deductible contribution.  If each family contributes a minimum of $600, we will be able to pay for the new property in full.  Many parishioners will clearly be able to donate more and we welcome your commitment and we value your support. 

 Please join us, the Parish Council and those who gave so much for the establishment of our community and do your part to complete our vision providing a safe and completed spiritual home for the generations to come.  We thank you for your continued support of our amazing parish.  We are one family…this is our Church, this is our spiritual home.


In His Service,


Fr. Christopher T. Metropulos             John Ioannou, Jr.

Proistamenos                                      Parish Council President